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1、 Are you looking for LED products? Or are you making LED products?You could find LED products and makers for these LED products here,LEDLED, a portable WEBSITE specialized in LED products.

Registered enterprises(both domestic and abroad reaches to 470 companies.),LED products here are over 4,000pcs and it’s still increasing.,Monthly page-view amounts to over 20,000pv and it’s still increasing.,Monthly average users amounts to over 10,000 persons and it’s still increasing.,Free of charge for registration!

Portal website which gathers LED companies,
you will get PR effect if you only load the information.

  • Recently LED technology is developing significantly, which leads to develop many new products in the lighting field of business in the world.
    This website only loads LED products,
    so you can search and find easily.

    You can also find customers whom you need in a short time.The web-site could be used for your company’s promotion or marketing.
  • So much information could be loaded in the web-site and it is even free!
    You can describe 5 pieces of photos per 1 item. You can edit and updated the details by yourself at any time. Updated information or new product is described on top page.
    You can contact the company when you are interested in.
    Inquiry link page is set in each page of the company, so if you find products you have interest, you could contact and make inquiries immediately.
    Collecting company's information.
    LEDLED not only supply company’s information but also deliver press release of companies .
  • We would like you to know details etc...,We'd like to know details...,LEDLED supports your company!
  • ● There’s no charge for register in LEDLED web-site.
    ※We won’t suddenly charge any fees even the additional option functions are ready to be released in the near future. For the option functions, we’ll proceed under the acknowledgement in advance.
  • ● It’s possible for you to use your own “ID” and “password” to add any of your company’s LED products, revise and delete any information of products in the web-site in 24 hours.

The registration to LEDLED(Free of charge for registration!)